Broken Doll #poetry

Pressed against the glass

too soon to be forgotten

once held in your warm hand

of death I am begotten

Dried forever on a shelf

catching dust in a vase

where there was a smile

vacant stare is set in place

Forced to be your doll

arms bend and legs extend

feeling there is not

love you would only upend


And Yet #poetry

A wordless reminder

it rings in the night

over the stars

magical dust that took flight

A wordless reminder

a smile that she sees

reflections none over

the words for the trees

A Wordless reminder

she looks to the skies

it never was nothing

words said by the wise

A Wordless Reminder

they rest on her lips

for some things are always

a heart always skips

Never On Wednesday #poetry

never on Wednesday

you fool can’t you see

the playing is over

our love it can’t be

never on Wednesday

as I slam out the door

my heart is left breaking

shattered no more

never on Wednesday

our love through the night

it never was nothing

and never alright

never on Wednesday

I look with pooled eyes

you tell me you love me

wrapped in your truth-telling lies

The Beat of Your Heart #flashfiction

I was told you could feel something that’s gone

It’s called phantom pain

Often it has to do with the sense of pain when a limb is severed

The body never wants to let go

I felt near my heart where there was nothing

Then why do I still  hear the beat of your heart ?


This is a short fiction written for G-Man for Friday.


Photography  by Jessica

Your Sorrow Follows Me #poetry

I saw them

The tears I had wept

Trailing from my broken heart

watering this cold floor

with no where to hide

they had remained

a bitter reminder

of you

what we had loved through


I heard            my cries

as if they had just escaped


will they forever

haunt me?


Wetting my cheek

once again with sorrow

I am prostrate

on the airport tiles

reclaiming heartbreak

memories left behind

I turn and face your pleading heart

stumbling over the ghost of despair

I had left there


Love’s barren portrait

etched for all time

on our personal wailing wall

a place where lovers reunite

where we said our final “goodbye”

Photography: Stockphotos