The Slacker

“I’ve been called alot of things in my short life time” she said as she looked at me with her smudged black eye lined face

“Tight ass cock sucking whoring bitch maybe but slacker never”

… would you like to discuss it further”  ” she smiled as she reached for something  shiny in her high-heeled leather boot


Sorry I’ve been very busy with life lately hope all is well in the world of writing and 55s. Please visit Mr Know it All for more in 55


The Beat of Your Heart #flashfiction

I was told you could feel something that’s gone

It’s called phantom pain

Often it has to do with the sense of pain when a limb is severed

The body never wants to let go

I felt near my heart where there was nothing

Then why do I still  hear the beat of your heart ?


This is a short fiction written for G-Man for Friday.


Photography  by Jessica