Love’s Hang Up #flashfiction

“You said you were coming for the weekend.”

“I’m sorry I have to work honey.”

ring ring ring “I no longer yearn to hear your voice dialing disappointment.”

Click …

feelings teetering on a carriage of cooling emotions

It’s too late to speak to my heart

The last plug was disconnected by your meaningless calls

This is entered with other flash fiction at G-Man’s. Thank you to Gman and all who participate in Friday Flash Fiction


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Catch Our Love #poetry

One day nothing
next the assurance of  you
words painted with color

what was its meaning?

Like spring’s  flower  budding

was  new love
powered by fragrance
what source does it grow?


colors have faded

petals have fallen

what once was fresh


catch it before






One Night #flashfiction

On a night bound for no where

Two lonely hearts collided

“For this night love me” she implored

He felt a careening heat

expelled desire  he’d never known

When he reluctantly shook sleep from his head

He wondered if a storm front had passed thru the night and reorganized his room

Had it been real?

I’m joining in on a writing site that inspires fiction in 55 words. It is hosted by G-Man aka Mr. Know it All.

Your Sorrow Follows Me #poetry

I saw them

The tears I had wept

Trailing from my broken heart

watering this cold floor

with no where to hide

they had remained

a bitter reminder

of you

what we had loved through


I heard            my cries

as if they had just escaped


will they forever

haunt me?


Wetting my cheek

once again with sorrow

I am prostrate

on the airport tiles

reclaiming heartbreak

memories left behind

I turn and face your pleading heart

stumbling over the ghost of despair

I had left there


Love’s barren portrait

etched for all time

on our personal wailing wall

a place where lovers reunite

where we said our final “goodbye”

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No Limits #poetry

This love has no limits

Heart no measurable boundaries

Offering from the depths of my soul

Nothing held in reserve

Fingers gently caressing my heart

I’d traverse the universe with you

giving everything


You have all of me

Your words are my master

My love is intertwined in you

I can’t pull out of your orbit

This love is galactic

You are my world

Photograph from NASA Weather Images

No Where to Turn

Ring in the New Year I heard the cheer of celebration

Hang the banner proclaiming the failed hopes and dreams of those who have lost their jobs, families, hope

Sound the hurrah for my new home under earth’s dome

Gnash my teeth on the morsel I’ve been given from a system that failed when I needed it the most

Kudos to all of those who have successfully leached off a system designed to help people who faithfully contributed

Smile back at my chagrin

A round of applause for those ignoring aid and stashing their bounty

Forget the children who are relegated to lines for healthcare and unpalatable food

Turn away from my appeal for help

Shun my need

Reject my abject countenance as I have discovered

No where to turn