Love’s Study #poetry

Read between the lines

you should be able to interpret

you have studied me for years

are you a student of me or just along for the ride

for a proficient would feel what I am saying and what I am not

so perhaps your study of farce has paid off

in the long run


The Slacker

“I’ve been called alot of things in my short life time” she said as she looked at me with her smudged black eye lined face

“Tight ass cock sucking whoring bitch maybe but slacker never”

… would you like to discuss it further”  ” she smiled as she reached for something  shiny in her high-heeled leather boot


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The Beat of Your Heart #flashfiction

I was told you could feel something that’s gone

It’s called phantom pain

Often it has to do with the sense of pain when a limb is severed

The body never wants to let go

I felt near my heart where there was nothing

Then why do I still  hear the beat of your heart ?


This is a short fiction written for G-Man for Friday.


Photography  by Jessica

Change in the Weather #flashfiction

The sky turned from grey to radiant blue in an instant

“What is in the horizon?” she called to her friend.

“Clear skies here. Must be a fluke. It will pass” she said with familiar cheer.

When grey turned to an ominous, black vacuum she called again

“Dont go out” the phone went dead.

The weather has turned but never fear Flash Fiction is here. Join the folks and the cheerful host from coast to coast aka G-Man.

Happy Friday and clear skies to all!!!

All in a … #flashfiction

The wind blew my

hat off caught by a

bird who  took a crap on my

head which was running

away with my thoughts that

congealed with the

cat vomit on my

dinnerplate where

I wasn’t paying attention too

late it had ended as it

started with my glasses

in the toilet

what a


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Love’s Hang Up #flashfiction

“You said you were coming for the weekend.”

“I’m sorry I have to work honey.”

ring ring ring “I no longer yearn to hear your voice dialing disappointment.”

Click …

feelings teetering on a carriage of cooling emotions

It’s too late to speak to my heart

The last plug was disconnected by your meaningless calls

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Photography – Stock Photography

One Night #flashfiction

On a night bound for no where

Two lonely hearts collided

“For this night love me” she implored

He felt a careening heat

expelled desire  he’d never known

When he reluctantly shook sleep from his head

He wondered if a storm front had passed thru the night and reorganized his room

Had it been real?

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