Broken Doll #poetry

Pressed against the glass

too soon to be forgotten

once held in your warm hand

of death I am begotten

Dried forever on a shelf

catching dust in a vase

where there was a smile

vacant stare is set in place

Forced to be your doll

arms bend and legs extend

feeling there is not

love you would only upend

And Yet #poetry

A wordless reminder

it rings in the night

over the stars

magical dust that took flight

A wordless reminder

a smile that she sees

reflections none over

the words for the trees

A Wordless reminder

she looks to the skies

it never was nothing

words said by the wise

A Wordless Reminder

they rest on her lips

for some things are always

a heart always skips

Never On Wednesday #poetry

never on Wednesday

you fool can’t you see

the playing is over

our love it can’t be

never on Wednesday

as I slam out the door

my heart is left breaking

shattered no more

never on Wednesday

our love through the night

it never was nothing

and never alright

never on Wednesday

I look with pooled eyes

you tell me you love me

wrapped in your truth-telling lies

I gaze into the past #poetry

I gaze into a frosty pane

remembering those days

your voice was warm

my heart swelled

on the high seas our love played


I gaze into a foggy mist

recounting our fateful tryst

the storms rolled in

when they left they took you away

what I have missed


I gaze into a wintry morn

my days and nights barren, forlorn

without a memory even to replay

did he love me

or was it just a game?


The Slacker

“I’ve been called alot of things in my short life time” she said as she looked at me with her smudged black eye lined face

“Tight ass cock sucking whoring bitch maybe but slacker never”

… would you like to discuss it further”  ” she smiled as she reached for something  shiny in her high-heeled leather boot


Sorry I’ve been very busy with life lately hope all is well in the world of writing and 55s. Please visit Mr Know it All for more in 55