Broken Doll #poetry

Pressed against the glass

too soon to be forgotten

once held in your warm hand

of death I am begotten

Dried forever on a shelf

catching dust in a vase

where there was a smile

vacant stare is set in place

Forced to be your doll

arms bend and legs extend

feeling there is not

love you would only upend


Never On Wednesday #poetry

never on Wednesday

you fool can’t you see

the playing is over

our love it can’t be

never on Wednesday

as I slam out the door

my heart is left breaking

shattered no more

never on Wednesday

our love through the night

it never was nothing

and never alright

never on Wednesday

I look with pooled eyes

you tell me you love me

wrapped in your truth-telling lies

Cry From the Deep #magpietale #poetry

Release me from this eternal pain

a woman once

shunned by a man

he incarcerated me in this watery existence

Free me from this cold existence

I breathed the air once

walked the fertile green earth

place me in the ground

Unshackle me

leave my hands

to lie peacefully

by my side

Thanks to Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales for the watery picture prompt.