And Yet #poetry

A wordless reminder

it rings in the night

over the stars

magical dust that took flight

A wordless reminder

a smile that she sees

reflections none over

the words for the trees

A Wordless reminder

she looks to the skies

it never was nothing

words said by the wise

A Wordless Reminder

they rest on her lips

for some things are always

a heart always skips


Never On Wednesday #poetry

never on Wednesday

you fool can’t you see

the playing is over

our love it can’t be

never on Wednesday

as I slam out the door

my heart is left breaking

shattered no more

never on Wednesday

our love through the night

it never was nothing

and never alright

never on Wednesday

I look with pooled eyes

you tell me you love me

wrapped in your truth-telling lies

One Night #flashfiction

On a night bound for no where

Two lonely hearts collided

“For this night love me” she implored

He felt a careening heat

expelled desire  he’d never known

When he reluctantly shook sleep from his head

He wondered if a storm front had passed thru the night and reorganized his room

Had it been real?

I’m joining in on a writing site that inspires fiction in 55 words. It is hosted by G-Man aka Mr. Know it All.

No Limits #poetry

This love has no limits

Heart no measurable boundaries

Offering from the depths of my soul

Nothing held in reserve

Fingers gently caressing my heart

I’d traverse the universe with you

giving everything


You have all of me

Your words are my master

My love is intertwined in you

I can’t pull out of your orbit

This love is galactic

You are my world

Photograph from NASA Weather Images